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27 Feb 2006

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Who we are
The Colombian Society at LSE

The Colombian Society is one of the 106 Union Societies of the LSE Students’ Union. As such, it abides by the Union's norms and budget administration.

It was established in 1999 as a pluralistic, multicultural, free-thinking and non-political association, representing Colombia as one of Latin America’s most important countries among LSE's cosmopolitan community of more than 7.500 students. It helps to further the links the LSE has with Colombia, both through direct student connections and the academic study of Colombian politics and culture.

It is founded on the respect and the dignity of its members, fellow students and staff, and directed towards the advancement of the goals set out by its members.

The LSE-SU Colombian Society’s essential goals are:

1) To build academic, cultural and social scenarios within the British environment, where Colombian matters can be discussed, promoted and analysed.
2) To promote social integration with other LSE societies and academic bodies, as well as with other Colombian institutions in the United Kingdom.
3) To advance commitment to Latin America integration;
4) To strengthen and preserve the bonds with the LSE Alumni Society in Colombia.